Creeping In My Soul Music Video Screenshots


Five screenshots from Cryoshell's next music video, a remix of Creeping In My Soul, have been released. You can view them below:

The music video is to be released soon. You can listen to the remix plus other songs here in a previous post.

Cryoshell: Creeping In My Soul - EP


iTunes have recently released Cryoshell's promised Creeping In My Soul EP. The EP includes five songs, which consists of the new versions of Creeping In My Soul and Closer To The Truth, an extended version of Bye Bye Babylon and two new songs, Falling and Murky. You can buy the EP from iTunes here, but you can listen to the songs below:

Creeping In My Soul (New Version)

Bye Bye Babylon (Extended Version)


Closer to the Truth (Take Me Home) (New Version)


Cryoshell's forthcoming debut album is set to go on sale later this year. More to come!


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