2010 - Journey's End


Discovering the Agori's mega-village are in fact parts of a giant robot that exploded aeons ago, Mata Nui learns of Bara Magna's past, the Great Beings, and his destiny to reunite the planet with its moons Aqua Magna and Bota Magna to recreate the once-plentiful Spherus Magna. 

Beginning his quest, he travels to the north of Bara Magna through a maze occupied with booby-traps and uncovers an unstable power source. Arriving back at the mega-village, Mata Nui convinces the Glatorian and Agori to let him use the prototype robot. They grant him permission, and Mata Nui places the power source, the Mask of Life and his spirit inside it. As an enormous robot once more, he begins the process of reuniting Bara Magna with its satellites. 

Later, Makuta Teridax - in Mata Nui's old, larger body - touches down on Bara Magna. Planning to conquer the planet and eventually the rest of the universe, the Makuta offers his brother the chance to join him. He refuses, and the two massive robots begin blasting destructive energies at each other. Disgusted by his brother's new sense of caring, Teridax taunts Mata Nui about the Toa and Matoran inside him, and that he can't destroy him without harming them.

On the ground, several Rahkshi and Skakdi under Teridax's command exit the Matoran Universe via his heel, followed by Tahu, Takanuva and other Toa. The Makuta's forces - now joined by a band of rogue Skrall - announce war on Mata Nui's Glatorian and Agori friends as they ally with the Toa to battle them for the fate of Bara Magna.

Meanwhile, the Mask of Life reduces Tahu into his original Toa Mata form so he can don the Golden Armour; a weapon originally devised to destroy the Makuta species if they were to ever betray Mata Nui Teridax notices and scatters the armour across the desert with an energy blast. With the Glatorian Gresh, Tahu and Takanuva retrieve the armour back from their enemies. When Tahu bestows all six armour pieces, a wave of energy is unleashed that incinerates all the Kraata powering the Rahkshi armor, leaving the Skakdi and Skrall greatly outnumbered who either surrender to the Glatorian or flee into the wilderness. 

The loss of his Rahkshi causes Teridax to hesitate in mid-battle, giving Mata Nui the chance to swing his brother's body into the oncoming path of a rock fragment from Aqua Magna that crashes into Teridax's head and damages the robot's core processor, killing the Makuta for good. Mata Nui completes his destiny of reforming Spherus Magna, but the strain is too great as his body plummets to the ground. 

The Toa and Glatorian arrive at the crash-site to find Mata Nui speaking from inside the undamaged Mask of Life. He tells them to seek the Great Beings as a last wish while deciding to remain dormant inside the Ignika. The Toa, Matoran, Glatorian, Agori and all other beings from both worlds now begin a new life on Spherus Magna.



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