Winter 2015 Sets - Prototype Packaging


Images of the prototype packaging for the first wave of suspected 2015 Bionicle Sets has recently been uncovered. The packaging appears to sport the Mask of Life in the corner next to the revamped Bionicle logo and also confirms the official names for all the sets, you can view them below:

70778 Protector of Jungle

70779 Protector of Stone

70780 Protector of Water

70781 Protector of Earth

70781 Protector of Ice

70783 Protector of Fire


70784 Lewa - Master of Jungle

70785 Pohatu - Master of Stone

70786 Gali - Master of Water

70787 Tahu - Master of Fire

70788 Kopaka - Master of Ice

70789 Onua - Master of Earth

70790 Skull Krata

All images are subject to change and all prices are to be confirmed, but it proves that Bionicle is returning in 2015, despite Lego making an official announcement. 



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