2001 - Quest for the Masks


On the island paradise of Mata Nui, a shadow has fallen over the land. The villagers known as Matoran live in fear of The Makuta; an all-powerful being alleged to have cast the Great Spitit Mata Nui - the Matoran's god-like entity of which the island is named after - into a deep slumber. Now, the Makuta has taken control the Rahi, the island's wildlife, to serve him and relentlessly attack the Matoran and their villages. 

One Matoran, Takua - banished from his village due to his lack of work ethic - travels the island looking for stories to tell, earning him the nickname "The Chronicler". On one journey, he finds six ancient stones and brings them to Kini Nui (the centre of Mata Nui) where he joins them together and unknowingly triggers a beacon for six canisters floating in the ocean to wash up on the island's beaches. Once ashore, the canisters burst open to reveal six powerful beings; Tahu - Toa of Fire, Lewa - Toa of Air, Gali - Toa of Water, Onua - Toa of Earth, Kopaka - Toa of Ice and Pohatu - Toa of Stone. 

Carrying formidable tools to channel their elemental energies and donning great "Kanohi" masks of power, the Toa remember nothing of their former lives except their names. Prior to meeting each other, they rebuild themselves on the seashores and travel to one of the six villages on the island, where they learn of the Matoran's war against the Rahi. The Toa soon join the conflict, and with the aid of the Matoran and their Turaga leaders, begin searching for more Kanohi masks; each of which possess a different ability. 

Collecting six each, they exchange their masks for Golden Kanohi, and descend underground to face the Makuta. Prior to arriving at the villain's lair, the Toa form two Toa Kaita (giant beings created when Toa fuse together) to challenge the Makuta's Manas crabs, and battled dark manifestations of themselves dubbed 'Shadow Toa'. The Toa arrive at Lair Mangaia, where the Makuta appears in the form of a Matoran, before transforming into a swirling vortex of rusty machine parts and tentacles. The Toa battle Makuta and defeat him by combining their elemental powers on him. 

Triumphant, the heroes return to the surface, but Takua - who followed the Toa down - discovers a large hive of insect-like nests hidden away from the battle site, revealing a new threat to Mata Nui. He sees the nests begin to hatch, but quickly escapes back to the surface before he can learn more.

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TheNerdyCreeper said...

In the Time before time, in a world where heroes were born, not made, and having an 'H' shoved in your chest wasn't a symbol of superiority, there was the bionicle. I heard from a LEGO employee at a Lego Store: "Lego is all about making something new and exciting" That, my friends, is why the Bionicle ended. As for Hero Factory, their fate will be no different. I only wonder what the next line of buildable action figures will be.


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