2006 - Island of Doom


The Matoran Arrive back in the contravened city of Metru Nui for the first time in 1,000 years. As work to rebuild the city begins, the Toa Nuva and Turaga learn from the newly-awakened Turaga Dume that the Great Spirit Mata Nui is not only asleep, but dying. To save him, they must venture to the desolate island of Voya Nui and retrieve the Kanohi Ignika - the legendary Mask of Life. 

However, when the heroes arrive, they are quickly overpowered by the Piraka; a group of former Dark Hunters of the Skakdi species, who after raiding Makuta Teridax's lair beneath the island of Mata Nui, travelled to Voya Nui in search of the Ignika themselves. The Piraka posed as Toa on the island before enslaving nearly all of the native Matoran to harvest antidermis, a strange green substance that only the Piraka Zaktan knows the truth about...

When the Toa Nuva fail to return to Metru Nui, Jaller suspects the Turaga are harbouring more secrets and organises a protest for the Matoran to stop working in the hope of learning what happened to their protectors. In secret, Turaga Nokama reveals of Mata Nui's potential death and the Toa Nuva's mission and in response gathers five of the bravest Matoran he knows - Hahli, Kongu, Nuparu, Hewkii and Matoro - and with Takanuva, they prepare to travel to Voya Nui in search of their missing Toa.  But after Takanuva is forced to turn back, the Matoran arrive in the realm of the ancient tyrant Karzahni, where they are forced to wear organic masks in replacement of their own. 

The party eventually escape via Toa canisters heading to Voya Nui, but prior to arriving on the island, bolts of lighting from an object called the Red Star that orbits the planet transform the Matoran into Toa Inika; Toa with entwined lightning powers. With help from a small Matoran resistance force and the ancient being Axonn, the Inika battle the many guardians and challenges of the Ignika and chase the Piraka underground to the Chamber of the Mask of Life. 

Upon arriving, the Toa find the Skakdi already defeated by the mask's final guardians; the insane seventh Piraka Vezon that the Ignika has fused itself to and his spider-like steed Fenrakk. After the Inika defeat the duo, Vezon re-arises riding a Kardas Dragon. Another immense battle climaxes with the pair getting trapped in a stasis field. But as Matoro retrieves the Ignika, the Toa's adversaries unfreeze and the Kardas Dragon fires an energy blast that knocks the mask out of Matoro's hands and out of the chamber, heading towards the sea..



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