2009 - The Legend Reborn


Living with limited resources in the harsh conditions of the desert world of Bara Magna, the villagers known as Agori pitch their best Glatorian warriors against one another in arena matches to settle disputes. But while most of the tribes live in amity and are mostly concerned about attacks from Vorox (a former tribe who regressed into wilderness beasts) and a group of nomads called Bone Hunters, the arrival of the Rock Tribe and their 'Skrall' warriors threatens to destroy the peace, as they appear to win every arena match they participate in. 

The Skrall later attack Arena Magna - the oldest arena on Bara Magna - during the Great Tournament. The Glatorian and Agori who escaped knew they couldn't defeat the Skrall alone and hoped that help would come. 

Months later, the Mask of Life - carrying the spirit of Mata Nui - crash-lands in the wastelands of Bara Magna and creates a new, smaller body for the former Great Spirit. Narrowly escaping a Vorox attack, Mata Nui befriends the Glatorian and Agori of Bara Magna, and with their help, begins a quest to find a way back to his own universe. With help from the Glatorians Ackar, Kiina and Gresh and Agori Berix, Mata Nui discovers an underground cave featuring plans for a giant robotic body that resembles his old one and believes that the giant cave is a laboratory; formally belonging to the Great Beings.

But with rumours of a traitor amongst the tribes, Mata Nui gets caught up in the war against the Skrall and their recently discovered alliance with the Bone Hunters and is taught how to fight by the Fire Tribe Glatorian Ackar with fellow warriors Kiina and Gresh. 

Mata Nui later convinces the Agori that they must abandon their arena system and instead unite in order to fight their enemies, but after the Bone Hunters kidnap Kiina and Berix, Mata Nui travels to the Rock Tribe's village of Roxtus to combat Tuma; leader of the Skrall, in exchange for their freedom. Upon defeating Tuma, Mata Nui discovers the Ice Tribe Agori Metus is the traitor who brought the Skrall and Bone Hunters together, who also reveals his plans to become both tribes' new leader. 

The Glatorian and Agori later arrive to combat their unified enemies and drive the Skrall and Bone Hunters out of Roxtus. Metus attempts to escape the battle, but Mata Nui tracks him down and uses the Ignika to turn Metus into a rattle snake as his punishment. 

After the battle, the Agori assemble the structures of their villages together to create a new 'mega-village' to reside in. Mata Nui notices how the structures link up to form a vast robotic body, similar to his old one. Berix takes note of this too by showing the former Great Spirit a coin picturing the robot as well as a map of an unknown location. Mata Nui sees these as clues of how to return to his universe and announces to his new friends that their quest has begun...



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