Lego Officially Confirm Bionicle's Return!


The Lego Group have at last made it official that Bionicle is returning in 2015! Read on for the synopsis of the 2015 story and a new teaser video:

Welcome to the World of Lego Bionicle!
"It is told that there exists a mask that will grant its bearer unspeakable power. Made from raw magic and solid gold, it is an artifact crafted with absolute precision and timeless skill - it is the Mask of Creation"
Come January 2015 we are ready to take consumers all over the world on an epic quest to find the Masks of Power. It will be a journey they will never forget.

More information to be unveiled at New York Comic Con, October 9th, and on social media.

Stay tuned #BIONICLE2015

More details for the new Bionicle sets will be unveiled next month. Now begins new era of the beloved Lego theme...



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