Winter 2015 Sets - Finalised Images & Packaging


Finalised images and product details of the first wave of 2015 Bionicle sets has surfaced, you can view them below:

70778 - Protector of Jungle
Beware! ($9.99)
The evil Skull Spider is mounting an attack deep in the jungle. Swoop to the defense of the Protectors’ village with the awesome Protector of Jungle, a sturdy, buildable figure featuring a dual-tone mask with pop-off trigger. Adjust the arms and legs to create fearsome battle poses. Then unleash the huge Air Elemental Flame Bow’s rapid shooter and send the Skull Spider scurrying for safety.

70779 - Protector of Stone
Look out! ($9.99)
The Skull Spider is lurking in the sand dunes near the Protectors’ desert village. Send out the mighty Protector of Stone to block the dangerous invader. Adjust the arms and legs of this durable figure for a variety of formidable battle poses. Whip up a vortex of sand with the giant Elemental Sandstorm Blaster and pin back the Skull Spider with the rapid shooter. Just don’t let this evil creature close enough to pop off that precious mask.

707780 - Protector of Water
Watch out! ($9.99)
The Skull Spider is trying to burst the bubbles of the Protectors’ underwater village. Blow this unwanted visitor out of the water with the Protector of Water’s rapid-shooting Elemental Torpedo Blaster. This robust figure, with head and shell and 2 turbines, is built for action play, so don’t delay - intercept the evil foe before it grabs the mask and seizes power from the Protectors.
70781 Protector of Earth
Underground alert! ($9.99)
The crystal mine is under attack from the Skull Spider. Spin the Protector of Earth’s powerful crystal Star Drill to bore through rock and confront the evil intruder. If the Skull Spider latches onto the Protector’s head, it can pop the trigger and release the mask. Unleash the Elemental power of the rapid shooter to fend off the villain and keep control of the underground.

70782 - Protector of Ice
Danger! ($9.99)
The Skull Spider is leaping from a crack in the ice to attack the Protectors. Put the freeze on the evil intruder with the Protector of Ice’s rapid-shooting Elemental Ice Blaster. This mighty ice warrior with head and shell is built for ferocious battles, so spin the awesome ice saw blade and take down the Skull Spider before it can pop off the mask.

70783 - Protector of Fire
Emergency! ($9.99)
The Protector of Fire is under attack from the Skull Spider emerging from the molten lava lake. This sturdy, highly posable figure is fully equipped for the heat of battle, so strike back with the flame swords and open fire with the rapid-shooting Elemental Fire Blaster. You must take down the thieving invader before it can pop off the Protector’s mask.

70784 Lewa - Master of Jungle
Match up against the evil Skull Spider with Lewa - Master of Jungle! ($14.99)
Power up the dual-purpose X-glider to soar into the sky. When you spot the Skull Spider crawling from the ruins, swoop down to the ground and convert the X-glider into 2 massive battle axes. Prevent the thieving creature popping off Lewa’s mask using the 2 swords and turn the wheel to power up Lewa’s bashing battle arm. You must fight hard to protect the precious Golden Jungle Mask from the forces of evil.

70785 Pohatu - Master of Stone
Summon the awesome elemental power of Pohatu - Master of Stone to defeat the Skull Spider! ($14.99)
Attach the convertible Jeterangs to the feet of this powerful, posable figure and launch into the sky. When you locate the Skull Spider, transform the Jeterangs into 2 huge Stormerang weapons and get ready to battle for the Golden Mask of Stone. Resist all attempts to pop off Pohatu’s mask, and activate the bashing battle arm to send the Skull Spider flying!

70786 Gali - Master of Water
Gear up for an epic underwater duel to claim the precious Golden Mask of Water! ($9.99)
Attach the shark fins to the feet of Gali - Master of Water and dive deep to the ancient ruins in the oceanic crater. Connect the fins to the harpoon to create a powerful elemental trident to attack the Skull Spider. Activate the battle arm to fend off its attempts to pop off Gali’s mask. The all-powerful Golden Mask simply must be safeguarded from evil forces

 70787 Tahu - Master of Fire
Heat up the action with Tahu - Master of Fire! ($19.99)
Attach the lava surfboard to the feet of this powerful, posable figure and surf into the volcanic crater in adrenalin mode. Then turn the surfboard into 2 awesome elemental fire blades ready for combat. Activate the bashing battle arm to swipe away the Skull Spider’s attempts to pop off Tahu’s mask and get to the magical Golden Mask first.

70788 Kopaka - Master of Ice
Prepare for a chilling mountaintop conflict with Kopaka - Master of Ice! ($19.99)
Watch out for the Skull Spider crawling from the snow, trying to pop off Kopaka’s mask. Adjust the arms and legs of this heavily armored figure to create fearsome battle poses. Fend off the evil creature’s attacks with the frost shield, bashing battle arm and the mighty Elemental Ice Spear. Get to the precious Golden Mask first then convert the shield into avalanche skis to escape.

70789 Onua - Master of Earth
Dig deep with Onua - Master of Earth to claim the mystical Golden Mask! ($19.99)
This durable, highly posable figure with 4 golden shells and bashing battle arm is fully geared up for underground combat against the Skull Spider. Burrow underground with the turbo shovelers while evading the evil Skull Spider’s efforts to pop off Onua’s mask. Then convert his turbo shovelers into a massive earthquake hammer, the only tool powerful enough to break through to the Golden Mask.

70790 Lord of the Skull Spiders
Patrol the entrance to the ancient city with the monstrous Lord of Skull Spiders! ($14.99)
Protectors wanting to unlock the secrets of the city will have to get past this evil-eyed, 6-legged creature first. And the Lord of Skull Spiders has its own secret weapon - pull the rear lever to grip and crush anyone who gets too close! Combine with buildable Protector and Master sets for thrilling good vs. evil battles.

Is is good to note that Skull Krata set has been renamed Lord of the Skull Spiders. Further details regarding Bionicle's return are to be announced at New York Comic-Con on 9th October.



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