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At the New York Comic Con today, Lego announced further details regarding Bionicle's return in 2015. They have officially confirmed that the relaunch's story is a reboot to the original and that the new story is set on the mystical island of Otoko, featuring the original Toa heroes Tahu, Lewa, Gali, Onua, Kopaka and Pohatu.
The Lego Group, makers of the world’s leading construction toys, today unveiled detailed product information, principle graphic design and a video short for the Lego Bionicle franchise onstage at New York City Comic Con. Featuring a range of constructible action figures, Lego Bionicle is based on a new and engaging storyline that will be available globally on January 1, 2015. 

"We are thrilled to announce the relaunch of the Lego Bionicle franchise, which was one of our most popular LEGO franchises and our first ‘constraction’ or constructible action figure line,” said Michael McNally, Senior Director of Brand Relations, The Lego Group. "We are eager to introduce and immerse a new generation of children in this rich character-driven world and can’t wait for fans of all ages to interact with the new story.”

Can the Toa Save Okoto from the Latest Threat?
The new storyline takes place on the mythical island of Okoto, where the forces of darkness are on the move and the evil Makuta is once again materializing. He is overcome by the desire for the three mythic masks that will cast the world into darkness - the Mask of Creation, the Mask of Control and the Mask of Ultimate Power.

The desperate island inhabitants enlist six heroes - each masters of a sacred element - called the Toa- to help save their beloved island. The Toa must embark on a quest for Okoto’s ancient power masks that will allow them to unlock the full potential of their elemental powers. Only when the heroes are united, will they be able to battle the forces of evil, defeat Makuta and save Okoto.

To help fans bring the exciting story to life, The Lego Group will offer a variety of exciting new Lego Bionicle sets from each of the different factions, ranging in price from $9.99 - $19.99 each.

The Bionicle website has also been updated with bios regarding each Toa hero, you can read them below: 

Gali - Master of Water
Gali is friendly and peaceful. But when the situation calls for it, she can be as fierce as a raging ocean. She finds injustice intolerable and always goes out of her way to help the ones who need it. Gali’s mellow ways have made her the most liked among the heroes. She is generous, a good listener and friend. Only one little thing: she just can’t seem to tell a joke right! Powers: Water control and the ability to out-swim any known creature.

Kopaka - Master of Ice
Kopaka is noble and reserved. Upholding his own strict moral code he strives to be perfect and always "do the right thing". A fact that often makes him appear formal and even cold in the eyes of others. Luckily Kopaka's clumsiness and his not too solid direction sense help the other heroes remember that, after all, Kopaka is just a Toa like them. Power: Freezing touch and resistance to cold.

Lewa - Master of Jungle
Lewa is a true daredevil, a cunning rogue whose foolhardy manners have often gotten him into trouble. His rebel approach is a double-edged sword that the other heroes both love and hate. On one hand, Lewa finds new ways, on the other these ways sometimes lead to new trouble! Powers: Communes with plants and the wind.

Onua - Master of Earth
Onua is grounded and wise. He likes to spend his time alone meditating under the stars. Like an underground cave, receptive and silent. And... Snoring! Though Onua rarely says a word, the other heroes have come to respect this sleepy giant. They know that when he speaks, his crude voice caries guidance and wisdom. Powers: Night vision and the ability to create earthquakes.

Pohatu - Master of Stone
Pohatu is unyielding and fearless. Renowned for his unbreakable stamina, he is arguably the toughest of all the heroes. With firm resolution and mysterious stubbornness Pohatu strides forward as a fearless vanguard leading the way of the heroes. Well almost fearless. Pohatu does NOT like the dark. Powers: Breaks and hurls rocks with unspeakable strength.

Tahu - Master of Fire
Tahu is hot-tempered and brave. He likes to excel and thinks of himself as the most heroic of the heroes. His forgetful nature has gotten him into trouble at time, but Tahu seems to be born under a very lucky star, and somehow always come out on top. Powers: Fire control and resistance to heat.

Lego also presented a video telling the prologue of the new story, you can watch it below:

The first Bionicle sets for this reboot of the beloved franchise will be on sale from January 2015 at all good toy stores, further details are to be confirmed.

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